September 2019

Raaji enters the 2019 MIT Solve class for Innovating for Healthy Cities

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September 2017

Raaji Wins First-Ever MIT Solve Innovation for Women Awards by Vodafone Americas Foundation

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June 2019

The AI chatbot tackling the taboo topics for girls and women becomes a finalist for the Index Award

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May 2019

How artificial intelligence is changing the way girls in Pakistan discuss reproductive health

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May 2019

In Conversation With Saba Khalid: The Creator Of Raaji Chatbot

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april 2019

Femtech queen Ida Tin’s five favourite femtech startups

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April 2019

Designer Spotlight: Aurat Raaj, a chatbot for women’s empowerment

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March 2019

Aurat Raaj: Empowering Pakistani women through AI

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march 2019

عورت راج کی سربراہ صبا خالد کارٹون فلمز اور موبائل ایپلیکیشن کے ذریعے خواتین کے مسائل کو اجاگر کرتی ہیں جس کے بعد لڑکیاں ان مسائل پر بات کرنے پر مجبور ہو جاتی ہیں

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march 2019

Raaji is more than a bot - it's building a community and a safe space for young women to be educated & empowered about their health. 

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february 2019

Raaji is more than a bot - it's building a community and a safe space for young women to be educated & empowered about their health.

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january 2019

A by-product of Aurat Raaj is Raaji – a fictional, animated character from Thar. After escaping an attempted honor killing by her family, Raaji becomes a symbol of women’s empowerment and provides women with information so “they can live freely.” 

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Pakistani woman entrepreneur bags BAFTA award for women empowerment chatbot

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october 2018

How an AI chatbot aims to advance health and education for rural women in Pakistan

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october 2018

Meet the 7th Cohort of i2i accelerator

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may 2018

Introducing girls to powerful and inspiring ideas, the series can be dubbed in any language and shown in schools and universities through portable projectors. The first episode got 130,000+ video views.

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MArch 2018

Design for girls, by girls. Period.

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JANuary 2018

Raaji is an animated series that educates, empowers and entertains young Pakistani adolescent girls with content that can save their lives and reduce shame surrounding gender issues

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"Our team is very excited. This is proof that our vision is supported locally and globally. We're going to continue to use artificial intelligence and animation to deliver our progressive ideas about health, safety and hygeine."

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