Our Team

At Aurat Raaj, it’s all about people. We have diverse points of views and come from a variety of life experiences. We challenge traditional ways of working, thinking. We are leading innovators in our field of work and are committed to improving the lives of children in Pakistan and around the world. We are always looking to collaborate, build partnerships and share knowledge.

SABA Khalid - CEO

Saba is an award-winning social innovator, filmmaker and journalist. She is passionate about using digital storytelling, animation and artificial intelligence for female empowerment.

Saba is the founder and CEO of Aurat Raaj, a Pakistan-based digital media + technology startup that educates and entertains girls about health, hygiene and safety.

JAYA Rajwani - Lead developer

Jaya is a technologist and social innovator with a background in machine learning and data visualization. She is passionate about improving the lives of children in Pakistan

Jaya is the lead developer of the Raaji chatbot and an aspiring data scientist.


Our Advisors